Uni Society Ball (USB)

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Parfait photography offers a service that covers Universities Society Balls (USB). Whether it is the end of the year, award ceremony, or achievement celebration, we want to be at the forefront, capturing moments and offering portraits that showcase the elegance of your society.

Our vision is to assist societies (in universities) in expanding by attracting people and showcasing what they are about through social media. In collaboration with various student unions, we are showcasing each University’s student-life and raising awareness of their society not only to present students but also to those wishing to participate in the near future.

The prices range depending certain factors i.e. occasion, number of attendees and the arrangement made with the society. Prices begin from £4.50 per a 7×5 portrait (This also includes coverage of part of the event). Photos taken will be uploaded on the Society’s social media page following consent.

So if you are in a Society this year and would like to find out more about our USB service please do not hesitate, contact us by leaving a message in “Contact” or alternatively, call or text us and we will get back to you within 5 working.